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Resetting your Yealink Headset

Occasionally you may run into an issue where your Yealink headset needs to be reset to factory defaults. The steps below will walk you through that process.

Factory reset for WH62/63:
Method 1: Hold the PC button and Phone button for 6 seconds at the same time. 


Method 2: Factory reset via Yealink USB Connect. Open YUC, go to Device recovery->Restore factory settings->Click OK. image.png

Factory reset for WH66/67:

Method 1: Do the following via the base screen:

For Teams version :

Tap image.png or the user account avatar. Go to Setting->Advanced Setting->Reset configuration. For the UC version :

Tap image.png.Go to Advanced Setting->Reset Configuration. The screen prompts you whether to reset the configuration or not Confirm the action.
Method 2: Factory reset by YUC.
he same as WH62/63, go to Device recovery->Restore factory settings->Click OK. 

If you need further assistance, please reach out to LineOne Support.