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How-To: Delay ringing to your ReachUC app

The steps below will assist you in setting up a ring delay to your ReachUC app. 


Your current Default Settings most likely look like this.

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To set up a delay ring to your ReachUC app,  Uncheck Ring all user's phones (all registered devices of this current user)

In the box below that, type in your 4-digit extension followed by m (XXXXm). This is your ReachUC extension.

Set the delay timer to anywhere from 5-10 seconds.  Any longer could result in calls going to voicemail before you have a chance to answer them.  Keep in mind when you are on a 4G network, it can take a few seconds for the call to find your phone.

Click Save

Your Answering Rule should now look similar to this

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If you need any assistance or have any questions, simply dial 611 from your LineOne phone or call 337-417-9020

You can also email us at Support@Line.One or visit us at http://Line.One/Support