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How-To: Update your Holiday/Business Closure Schedule

Your system’s functions depend on various time frames, one of which is the Holiday schedule. This schedule allows you to deactivate your Daytime ring groups when your office is closed for a Holiday or any other reason. As the system admin, you can easily manage your Holiday schedule through your LineOne admin portal.

To access the admin portal, please visit
Login Name: Admin@YOURDOMAIN (If you are not sure what your domain is, please contact LineOne Support)

Once you are logged in as a system or site admin, you can find your Holiday schedule by clicking on the Time Frames icon in the menu bar.

You will see a list of all the time frames in your system. You can edit or review your Holiday time frame by clicking on it.

You can also add new holidays or modify the existing ones from the same window.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, simply dial 611 from your LineOne phone or call 337-417-9020

You can also email us at Support@Line.One or visit us at http://Line.One/Support