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LineOne - Yealink Phone and Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

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For Support:

Dial 611 or



Quick Reference Guide




To Make a Call    


1. Dial the telephone number.

2. Press Send or lift the handset.


Note: When connected, you can switch between handset and speakerphone by pressing the              button.


To Transfer a Call


1. While on a call, press Transfer (in screen) or       (fixed key).

2. Dial the extension number or press the DSS button. You can announce the call once answered.



 Note: During call transfer you can reconnect to the original caller by pressing End (in screen) or       button. Then press Resume (in screen).


Voicemail Transfer


1. While on a call, press Transfer (in screen) or       (fixed key).

2. Press To VM button or press 7.

3. Dial the extension number or press the DSS button.


Call Park


The Park button enables you to put a call on hold and pick it up at a different phone on the system. 


1. While on a call, press the Park x button.

2. Hang up.


To retrieve a parked call:

  1. Press the Park x.


Place a Call On Hold


1. Press Hold (in screen) or        button (fixed key).

2. Press Resume (in screen) to retrieve the call.


Note: A held call can only be retrieved from the phone that placed it on hold. The call cannot be picked up from another phone.



Call Pickup


Call Pickup allows you to answer a call that is ringing on another phone.


1. While another phone is ringing, press the Pickup button or dial *35.

2. Press the blinking DSS button of the ringing phone or dial the extension.


Conference Calls


1. While on a call, press the Conference button in the display.

2. Dial another station or outside number.

3. After the called party answers, press the Conference button.

4. Repeat Steps 1-3 to add more lines.



Note: If the party is unavailable to join the call, press Cancel (in screen) or  button. Then press Resume (in screen).


Call History


You can access your call lists with a History button or by pressing .


1. Use t or u to choose a Call List (All, Missed, Placed, Received)

2. Use  or ‚ to scroll through list. 

3. Press Send to call the number.


Note: To save a contact while viewing History, select Option (in screen). Then scroll and select Add to Contact. You can make changes and Save.


Local Phone Directory


You can access your phone’s directory by pressing ‚. Contacts saved in the local directory are stored per phone.


1. Use  or ‚ to scroll through your contact list. 

2. Press Send to call the number.




1. Press the       button once to see a list of recently dialed numbers.

2. Press the       button a second time to call the last number dialed.




The paging feature requires a button and configuration programmed by LineOne Support. 




To send an outbound fax directly from your email:

  1. Compose a new email.   In the “To” bar enter the 10- digit destination fax number (all lowercase).  Do not include any dashes/hyphens (example:
  2. Attach the file you would like to fax.  Neither the subject line nor the body of email will be sent, only the attachment.





How to initially set up voicemail: 

1. Press the      button or dial 5001

2. Enter default password (159753) then #.

3. Follow computer tutorial to change name, greeting, and password. 


Sample Greeting: “Hi, this is First Name, I am currently unavailable to take your call at this time. Please leave a message, including your telephone number, and I will return your call as soon as possible.”


How to change your name or password after initial setup: 

1. Press the      button or dial 5001.

2. Enter password then #.

3. Press 5 (Control Options)

4. Follow prompts…i.e.-


Note: Changing your voicemail box password will also change your Personal Admin Portal password.

If you need to reset your password, contact your on-site administrator or LineOne Support by dialing 611.




How to change your greeting after initial setup: 

1. Press the       button or dial 5001.

2. Enter password then #.

3. Press 6 (Greetings)

4. Follow prompts…i.e.-

5. Enter 1 to record default greeting.


How to check voicemail messages (from your phone): 

1. Press the      button or dial 5001.

2. Enter your password then #.

3. Follow prompts… 

How to check voicemail messages (from another extension):

1. Dial 5000.

2. Enter your extension.

3. Enter your password. 


How to forward a copy of the message after listening to it:

1. Press 3, 1

2. Record introduction to the message (optional) then #

3. To confirm press 2

4. Enter the recipient’s extension number

5. Press to change your entry or to send


Mailbox control features (while reviewing a message): 

Press – Save Message 

Press 2 – Replay Message

Press – Forward Message (See Forwarding Instructions)

Press – Delete Message

Press 5 – Skip Message

Press 6 – Reply (Can only reply to internal callers)

Press – Rewind (in increments of 15 secs)

Press 8 – Pause / Continue

Press 9 – Fast Forward (in increments of 15 secs)






Personal Admin Portal


Use the Personal Admin Portal to see the presence of other users and set up Answering Rules, Speed Dial, Call Recording, etc.


Note: Only Standard Users have access to the portal. To find out if you have access, contact your on-site administrator or LineOne Support by dialing 611.

  1. Go to


2. Enter the following: 

Login Name: extension@domain 

(ex: 1234@customerdomain)

(Your domain will be provided by LineOne)


Password: 159753 (default) or your new voicemail password


  1. Click Log In.



To Change Your Password

1. Click your name at the top right of the page.

2. Select Profile.

3. Enter a password in the New Login Password field and confirm it.

4. Click Save. 


Note: Changing your portal password will also change your voicemail box password.



The Messages tab allows you to manage you voicemail box from your computer. 

Message Management: Listen, Save and Delete Messages 

Greeting Management: Record, Review and Select Greetings

Operator Forward: Sets destination for zero-out option



You can see a list of your internal and external contacts with a presence indicator of users in your organization. 


Note: Contacts in this section are separate from the contacts in the local directory of your phone.


Answering Rules

Answering Rules determine how your phone rings. You can specify what your phone should do during different times/situations. This section is where you can control Call Forwarding. 


Call History

View all of your calls in Call History. Use the filter to specify dates, telephone number and call type. 


Call Record

If Call Record is enabled, your recording will be found next to the entry of that call. You can download or listen to the recording.


Note: To enable Call Record, contact your on-site administrator or LineOne Support by dialing 611.













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Lafayette, LA   70508


Dial 611 from your desk phone










911 Disclaimers

Phones installed with LineOne service may NOT be able to contact emergency personnel by dialing 911.  An alternate service (fax line or cell phone) is recommended in the event of an emergency and ALWAYS make sure to provide the 911 dispatcher the physical address of where they need to dispatch!


Neither LineOne nor its officers or employees will be liable for any damages, expenses, liabilities, risks, or harms arising out of or related to the LineOne service provided through this equipment.