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ReachUC for Android - Enable better Bluetooth control

Settings in the ReachUC app for Android can be changed to provide better Bluetooth control by integrating the ReachUC app into the native Android Dialer. The steps below will walk you through making these changes. Please be waste that there are some minor trade-offs with these changes and you can revert back to standard settings at any time. For assistance with your ReachUC app settings, please submit a ticket or call our helpdesk at 611 (337-47-9020) 

To enable Call Integration: 

  1. Press the three dots (menu button) at the top right corner of your ReachUC app, then select Setting 
  2. Select Preferences
  3. Select Controls

  4. Select Call Integration Mode

  5. Select Enable
  6. Click ReachUC

    Back out of the settings and test your ReachUC app.  Inbound calls will now be presented in your Native Android dialer and will allow you to control calls using your Bluetooth device more easily and reliably.