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Cell Phone Carrier SPAM Explanation/Resolution

Cell phone carriers use third-party companies (First Orion, Hiya, and TNS) to help mitigate spam calls to their customers.  Unfortunately, sometimes legitimate businesses get caught in these attempts and your calls may get flagged as Spam, Spam Risk, etc.  

To resolve these issues and have the spam tag removed from your number you need to file with the cell phone carrier or the 3rd party company. 

We recommend that you start with Free Caller Registry.  This free portal enables entities making legitimate outbound phone calls to submit their data to the three major providers of call management services (First Orion, Hiya, and TNS) supporting the major US wireless carriers once via a standard, centralized experience.

Below are some additional links directly to the cell phone provider or 3rd party company.  Proceed with these if registering with the Free Caller Registry is unsuccessful. Click here -->  Free Caller Registry


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US Cellular - 

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