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Call Center - Queue Analytics (Wallboard)

What is Queue Analytics?

Queue Analytics (referred to as Wallboard) allows you to manage, share, and customize Queue/Agent statistics dashboards in one convenient location.

How to access Queue Analytics

Queue Analytics is accessible for Call Center Supervisor roles by clicking on the 'Apps' drop-down menu found in the top right-hand corner of the Manager Portal page, and selecting 'Queue Analytics.'

Or by clicking the Queue Analytics button on the dashboard

The Queue Analytics page provides the user with a toolbar for easy customization and creation of 'cards,' which are individual windows containing the queue statistics of your choosing. These cards will populate the Queue Analytics page, referred to as a 'Board.'

As seen above, the Analytics Toolbar allows you to:

  1. Manage boards, share boards, check the version number, and log out.

  2. Create a New Board

  3. Edit existing board

    1. Note: The toolbar will become white to let you know you are in 'editing' mode.

  4. Copy a Board

  5. Delete a Board

  6. Board Settings

    1. Note: The filters option within Board Settings allows you to view data only for a selected queue.

  7. Favorite a Board

  8. Share a Board with Others

  9. Enter Full-Screen Mode

  10. Manager Portal Apps

How to Create a New Card 

Creating a new card consists of selecting the type of card, the data to be displayed, and if you want to customize the card further, you can modify the style of each card.

To create a new card:

  1. Click the 'Add a Card' button found at the center of the screen.

  2. A new blank card will appear, and to modify the card, select 'Choose Type.'

  3. Select the Type of card you wish to use. This option dictates how the information will be displayed. 

  4. Once selected, click the 'Data' tab and then select '+ Add Data.'

    1. Additionally, alerts can be added through the '+Add Alert' button. Alerts allow you to trigger color change or browser notifications when a monitored data set crosses a specific threshold. For browser notifications, these are found under Board Settings in the Analytics Toolbar.

  5. Select the Data you wish to be displayed in the card from the list presented. 

    Note: Nearly all data types will include a help bubble that provides a description of the information.

  6. Once the data type is selected, the card can be created by clicking the green 'check' button, however, there are additional breakdown and filter options in the left-side menu, as seen below.

  7. Once created, the card will appear on the board, at which point you can still continue to add or edit cards. Once all changes are complete, click the 'Save' button at the top of the screen.

Queue Analytics Card Types

To help you get an understanding of how you should organize your board(s), you should know each variety of card type can only be used to display certain types of data.

When creating a new card, you are able to select the type, data, and style of how the information is displayed. Each card type can be used with specific data or reports, but not all card types can be used with all types of data.

The Line Chart Card Type is compatible with the following data/report types:

The Gauge Card Type is compatible with the following data/report types:

The Single Stat Card Type is compatible with the following data/report types:

The Table Card Type is compatible with the following data/report types:

The Grid Card Type is compatible with the following data/report type:

The Note Card Type is just a custom note.

The iFrame Card Type just needs to include the iFrame URL.

Once configured, a user can create a custom dashboard to easily view different queue statistics, as seen below.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, simply dial 611 from your LineOne phone or call 337-417-9020

You can also email us at Support@Line.One or visit us at http://Line.One/Support